Welcome to the Wintergreen SPA Greenville SC. Escape into a world of total comfort, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Treat yourself to
a luxurious experience... You deserve it. I will be very happy to see you in my place.

            Tetiana Markel  LMBT  lic#7688  ES lic#73624
Valentine's Day Massage Package
(two hours whole time)
•50-minute Swedish or Deep Tissue massage
•Chocolate back and shoulders masque
•warm towel foot wrap
•Organic coconut oil
•60-minute salt room session
Valentine's Day Facial and Massage Package

•30 minutes Hydrating & Nourishing Facial
•50 minutes Swedish or Deep Tissue massage
•60-minute salt room session
Birthday Massage package
•50 minutes Swedish or Deep Tissue massage
•30 minutes shoulders massage
•Collagen golden facial mask
•Warm towels foot wrap
•Back dry exfoliation with lime sugar scrub
•60-minute SALT ROOM breathing session
Massages promote:
•    Improved immunity
•    Relaxation  
•    Emotional Balance
•    Increased Energy
•    Improved Digestion
•    Improved Mobility
•    Detoxification
•    Improve blood Circulation
•    Improved Sleeping
•    Stress Reduction
•    Relief of pain